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How to Log On to your Relias Learning Management System

Go to your organization's training web site. If you do not have a link to follow, type the URL (site address) into the address bar in your browser. For example: http://YourOrgName.training.reliaslearning.com/

     Manually enter your organization's LMS address here

The Relias Learning Log-In Screen

Enter your username and password. All passwords must be at least four characters long. This information is not case sensitive. 

Did you forget your password or username?

  Select "Forgot Your User Name or Password?" to receive an automated email with your log-in information.  

Switching Between User Roles

When you log in you will automatically be accessing the site at the highest access level for which you are approved. In other words, if you are a site Administrator and a Learner, you will log in at the Administrator access level.  

To switch from Administrator to Learner access (or any other tier of access), simply use the drop down in the upper right hand corner of your screen. This drop down appears on all administrator screens.

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