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Appendix - I: Recorded Webinars and Video Tutorials


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Support Documentation

Appendix - I: Recorded Webinars and Video Tutorials

Support Documentation

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Appendix - I:  Video Tutorials


Category Title Time

Welcome to Relias

 The Log-In Screen  1.5 min
 Navigating the Relias Learning Management System  3 min
 Accessing the Support Portal  4.5 min

The Users Ta

 The User List  3.5 min

 Adding a New User  3.5 min


 Finding Courses and Using Filters  2.5 min

 Finding Courses by Certificate  2 min


 Building a Dynamic Recurring Curriculum for Annual Training Assignments   5 min
 Building a Fixed-Date Recurring Curriculum for Annual Training Assignments  1.5 min
 Building a Non-Recurring Curriculum for Orientation Training Assignments  3 min


 Basics of Enrollment and Manual Enrollment  3 min
 Advanced (Automatic) Enrollments   2 min

Custom Courses and Events

 Creating a New Course or Event  5.5 min
 Adding Content to a Custom Course  6 min
 Adding a Linear Exam  6 min
 Randomizing an Exam  2.5 min


 Finding the Right Report  1.5 min
 Who has completed their training?   4 min

 Who still needs to complete their training?   1.5 min
 Saving a Report  3 min


 Site Properties  1.5 min
 Customizing Site Appearance  2 min
 Announcements and Links  3 min

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  • SBHS would like to schedule a phone conference to review troubleshooting for Relias.  Could someone contact Dan Neal at 706-432-3804 in our IT Department to arrange a training? We have employees calling a lot with questions that we are unable to answer and know if we were trained we could do a lot better.  We have two employees that weren't in on the last training that was done (original person no longer with us).    You can reach me at 706-432-3837 if you need to get more information.

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